Networks in ØICC

Innovation happens when we meet face to face. Especially, when we meet face to face across professional disciplines and sectors. That is why professional networks between ØICC’s members are an important lever for using, developing, and optimizing our shared innovative capacity. Both regarding our ability to exchange and create new knowledge and our ability to transform this knowledge commercially into sustainable solutions for the future.

Participation in a network is by invite. This is to ensure trust and create a space where participants will confide in one another. Each network is run in collaboration between the secretariat and one of the expert partners and network facilitators whose professional expertise ensures the relevance and quality of the content on each meeting.

If you want to learn more or join a network, please feel free to contact our Project Coordinator Catharina Høgdal, / +45 50 87 90 90.


Triple Helix

The ØICC partnership is built on the Triple Helix model, meaning that key representatives from both academia, state, and industry are all present in the networks.

They each bring their knowledge and competencies to the table and are responsible for anchoring the outcome within their respective company or organization.

The Triple Helix model creates fertile ground for cross-sector innovation.