Membership Survey 2018

Skærmbillede-2018-12-17-kl.-11.22.59-700x390 (1).png

2018 has been a year packed with activities: 18 network meetings, 7 conferences and seminars, 9 professional walking-home meetings and 2 new project groups. In addition, 22 new members have joined.

In short, we are a business partnership in an innovationsdistrict on the rise. Therefore, we are curious about what kind of association members have about ØICC, and what they get out of participating in the events, and what wishes there are for the association going forward. Against this, we have made the first member survey of ØICC.

How has the study been conducted?

The member survey was launched in October 2018, and the respondents were selected from among the employees of the member organizations who are active in the ØICC, eg via networks, and therefore have a basis for commenting on ØICC’s activities and activities. The members are selected across industries and size of companies so that the survey covers the breadth of the ØICC.

The study is qualitative and took the form of interviews based on a common questionnaire, where the goal was to hear:

  • What the members get out of being part of the ØICC

  • Whether and how it gives value to their business and themselves

  • And what their wishes for the Innovation Partnership are going forward

It was the two project assistants Andreas and Laurits from ØICC who have been responsible for interviewing the selected employees. They have been on their bikes around Ørestad in October and have been drinking coffee with the selected members to find out what value the members have obtained in the first fully operational year of ØICC.

The main results

In general, there is great satisfaction with the work of ØICC. ØICC helps to tie the business sectors closer together in Ørestad, and can be helpfull to shape the business identity that the young town wants. There is generally great satisfaction with both conferences and the professional network of ØICC. It is noted that events and networks are conducted professionally, that the academic level in the networks is considered high, and the members of the association want ØICC to maintain this in the future.

Many members also believe that their involvement in ØICC is made the best possible use of it by entering projects and collaborating across ØICC. And there is a general wish that ØICC is able to initiate even more projects and collaborations in 2019 – preferably on a larger scale and of a more binding nature. This wish has already been included and integrated into the plans for 2019. Read more about the major venture of ØICC here, where an Advisory Board for Sustainable Urban Development has been set up.

A big thank you to all the members who participated in the study. It is an excellent management tool that can help us prioritize what we need to focus on in 2019 and years to come. It is an exciting time for ØICC, and we look forward telling you much more about what we have in the pipeline for the coming year.