Great Expectations 

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Do you want to help shape the future for your generation’s working life? We are looking for graduate students to write a semester assignment or a Master’s Thesis within the framework of the work life survey “Great Expectations”.

Great Expectations is a study on students expectations for their upcoming work life. Behind the survey is a consortium of companies and universities who want to gain knowledge about the demands and wishes that the future workforce has to the workplace. The study involves some of the largest universities in the country, and to carry out the study at the University of Copenhagen, we are seeking students to collect data at the university and do a project on the subject. Some of the questions that we would like to elaborate upon are: What does your generation expect from working life? And how does it harmonize with working life as we know it today? A summary of the study will subsequently be made available online and used by the consortium’s partners in their work.

Background information

The expectations to the workplace are changing rapidly these years. Technology makes it possible to work from home, on the go and with colleagues who are spread across large geographical areas. At the same time, work has become an integral part of our lives, which helps define how we understand ourselves. We are no longer just working to make money. Our work also has to be fun, exciting and challenging and allow us to develop and unfold ourselves. This brings new expectations for the cooperation between managers and colleagues, and new requirements for the design of the physical workplace. The workplace must be a flexible place where we want to be and were we can be creative and productive. The study is based on this development and seeks to identify what characterizes the students’ ideas and expectations of their future working life and why.

Are you a part of out future project group?

About you: You are doing your Masters’ degree and have to either make a big semester project or are about to begin your master thesis. You are either a single person or part of a project group. You would like to work on a topic that is of great interest to the work life, which you will soon become a part of. You want to be part of a larger project and produce knowledge that can subsequently be used by companies.

What we can offer

  • External professional supervision to design a quantitative questionnaire

  • Access to send out the questionnaire to graduate students at your university

  • Dialogue with some of the companies behind the project

  • The opportunity to make a qualitative study design based on interviews that you (and your project group) themselves design

  • Feedback on the final project from professionals

  • The opportunity to pitch your project to other project groups from other universitie

Information about the project

  • The project will be held in the autumn semester 2019.

  • The study will be based on a quantitative questionnaire and qualitative interviews that will be issued and made at the beginning of the autumn semester.

  • The analysis must include both the qualitative and the quantitative empirical data and include relevant theory.

In addition to the supervision that you get from the university, SIGNAL, who are experts in Strategic Workplace Design and Management, will supervise your project regarding the design of both the quantitative and qualitative study. In addition, you will be able to interview representatives from a number of national and international companies in Ørestad, about their considerations regarding the future generation’s expectations for the working life.

The study is made in collaboration with AAU-CPH, University of Copenhagen, KLP-Ejendomme, Rambøll, SIGNAL and ØICC.

If the project has caught your interest, you can contact Sophie Witzke from ØICC at for further information.