+ What is an innovation district?

Innovation Districts are geographic areas where leading-edge anchor institutions and companies cluster and connect with start-ups, business incubators and accelerators. They are also physically compact, transit-accessible, and technically-wired and offer mixed-use housing, office, and retail. Ørestad is such a place. Denmark’s international innovation district. Close to the city center, and close to the world.

+ How can ØICC help me?

Aside from giving you a powerful network, new information and inspiration, we also help you by converting your ideas to actual projects. We communicate and make the world aware of them. We help you apply for funds, pull political strings and do everything in our power to realize our members’ projects in Ørestad. We make Ørestad fertile ground for innovation in Denmark. Together.

+ How much time do I have to spend on ØICC when I become a member?

As it is customary with all memberships, the more time you spend participating, the more you will benefit from it. It is therefore of great importance that your company chooses participants for networks and projects of your interest, who will act as “knowledge brookers” in your organization.

+ Can I speak with any of your current members?

Naturally you are welcome to do this. Please call Project Coordinator Catharina Høgdal: +45 50 87 90 90. She will help you find the member(s), that are most relevant for you.

+ How can I contribute to ØICC?

You can contribute in a lot of ways. If you want to participate in our many activities and connect with our network in Ørestad, membership is the way to go. You can become member, both as a firm/organization placed inside or outside of Ørestad. Learn more about membership here.

ØICC is a union, and if you want to contribute as a volunteer and work with the business-model for sector-innovation of tommorow you are very welcome to contact our Project Coordinator Catharina Høgdal at +45 50 87 90 90.

Of course, we are also always ready for new cooperations. Please don’t hesitate to contact us if this is within your interest.

+ Does ØICC work with interns?

Yes, of course! Whether you are studying or in-between jobs, you are able to apply for an internship at ØICC. Contact managing director Carolina Benjaminsen at cb@oicc.dk og describe your projects and what opportunities you see in ØICC. Please attach your resume. We look forward to hearing from you.

+ Do you cooperate with other innovation districts and/or science parks?

Yes. Ideally, we want to cooperate enough to make Denmark a lab for innovation within sustainable solutions and growth. Here innovation districts and science parks will be important actors, as they have a local foundation, while maintaining a global view. We are currently cooperating with Lyngby-Taarbæk Vidensby, Copenhagen Science City, and Frederiksberg Science City to create a united and strong development of Greater Copenhagen.

+ Is there a connection between ØICC and Greater Copenhagen?

Yes. ØICC is an important actor regarding activities of the private sector within Ørestad. Therefore, we function as a meeting epicenter for organizations as Copenhagen Capacity, Wonderful Copenhagen, Region H, and other organizations that do activities within Greater Copenhagen.