New CVR survey in Ørestad

Who are we and what are we doing?

If you have been in Ørestad for the past couple of years, you have probably perceived that it is a neighborhood in growth both on residents and on business. Buildings pop up, cranes change positions and new logos appear on the buildings.
However, if the ØICC really has to unfold its potential as an innovation district, it is particularly relevant to know how business growth is developing and which sectors are actually represented in the district. It is important for what synergies, collaborations and new projects we can create across members.

The figures speak for themselves – a neighborhood in GROWTH
When ØICC secretariat was established in 2017, we were granted access to a CVR extract from 2016, which showed that 603 companies had an address in Ørestad. But how does the situation look today only two years later? Which sectors are present in the district? And what is already well represented in the innovation partnership?
To get answers to these questions, in the summer of 2018 we got another CVR extract from Dansk-statistik. It shows, among other things, that the number of registered CVR numbers in Ørestad went from being 603 to 2011. This confirms the belief that many of us have had – the growth in Ørestad is considerable and it is real.

Industries in Ørestad and ØICC
During the autumn, we buried ourselves in the considerable amount of data and sorted the companies in order to map the current potential for the innovation district. And here we had to ret rid of some of the 2011 registered companies, such as associations, holding companies cannot become members of ØICC.
But based on the companies that were left after the sorting, it appears that ØICC is very well represented within the industries: construction, education and hotel. The study also shows that ØICC has an untapped growth potential, and that there are industries that ØICC is not yet very well rooted in considering the size of the industry in Ørestad, including: IT, food, retail and pharma.

The CVR study confirms that the time for an innovation partnership in Ørestad is the right one. Growth in both business and residents has created the necessary momentum and the starting point for being able to create the value-creating projects and collaborations that will seriously contribute to putting Ørestad on the map both in Greater Copenhagen and in Denmark and internationally.