Two large universities, more than 100 tech startups, big public and private businesses, cultural institutions, and a green city district as test ground. That is the basis from which projects in ØICC arise. The innovation partnership is a shortcut to action. We help our members find the right collaborators, inside and outside of Ørestad. Learn more about our projects here.


Greater Copenhagen Innovation Eco System for Innovation Districts


Tourism Moves: Pilot Project

Hyper-local development projects in Ørestad. A collaboration between ØICC and Wonderful Copenhagen.


SDG Mapping

Students map sustainable practices among ØICC’s members

Future of Work.jpg

The Future of Work

ØICC, Symbion, and Accelerace collaborating to identify, test, and scale the best solutions in office tech


High school talent program

Fast tracking students in high school to university


Key factors determining people’s use of green transportation

Why do people choose green modes of transportation? Comparing data from 7 city districts.


Social sustainability in the building sector

Working group sharing information on leisure and community facilities in upcoming buildings in Ørestad. Participants: Aart Architects, NREP, Solstra Development and Danish Building Research Institute.


Sustainable operation of buildings

Working group collaborating on how to better manage buildings in a sustainable way. Participants: HOFOR, Balder, ATP Real Estate, Rambøll, JT Denmark, All Remove and Danish Building Research Institute.