AAU CPH x Rambøll


Master students problem solve with Denmark’s biggest engineering company

At Aalborg University in Copenhagen (AAU CPH), September is not only the beginning of a new semester. It’s also the beginning of a new partnership between the master students on Sustainable Cities and Ramboll.

Monday morning, 36 new master students went to class to meet with eight employees from Ramboll’s different departments who were ready to pitch real-life projects related to water, buildings, transport, environment and health, energy, and management.

At AAU CPH, students always work with project-based learning, but the collaboration and contact to the companies can be challenging to manage and time consuming to establish. Not this year. 

The idea to the collaboration came about during the spring where ØICC helped facilitate the initial contact between Ramboll and AAU CPH. The mutual benefits seemed apparent, and over the summer, Ramboll has been working intensely on creating an impressive project catalogue to the students. 

The students seemed excited about the presentations and the prospect of working together with Ramboll during the semester. Several students emphasized that what seemed most attractive to them was the fact that the problems were real, and that they now get the opportunity to experience what working for Ramboll is like.

When the students finish their degree in Sustainable Cities in two years time, they will be the ones shaping and creating the future cities of the world.