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Ørestad Innovation City Copenhagen (ØICC) is Copenhagen’s green innovation district. ØICC brings together city district actors from universities, startups, public institutions, and private companies in a strong innovation partnership. Through networks and cross sector partnerships we catalyze sustainable business development. Learn more about ØICC and what we do here.


Nordic Roundtable: Innovation Districts

Catalyzing strong partnerships across companies, universities, and cities is one of the things the Nordics are often very good at. Now, you have the opportunity to meet ØICC and other innovation districts from the Nordics, where we will discuss what makes the Nordic partnership model unique, and how it can be used to drive sustainable transformation of our cities. Learn more here.

The context for the roundtable debate is the C40 Mayors Summit in Copenhagen, and it is part of the festival Live Like Tomorrow. We hope to inspire other decision makers to think in line of strong local strategic partnerships as part of future sustainable solutions.

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